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Funk My Dog is a project of Peter Marsh and Larry Tomko. Peter worked in the British music scene with Ken Nichol (Easy Street), Twist, Manfred Mann, Blanket of Secrecy, Nick Lowe, Vangelis and Godley & Crème.

A few years back Peter moved from London to France, where he met Larry Tomko, a songwriter, singer and saxophonist from San Francisco.

Tomko worked in the bands Wind Crazy, Shajazz, Firefly, and Armed Gang. He opened one of the first private recording studios in Italy and worked with the Italian group I Pooh. Later he performed with groups from the Bay area like White Teeth, Nobody Famous and Jorge Santana. In France he worked with the band West Coast.

Peter and Larry met at a Peter Marsh & Co concert. Peter and Larry recorded first some commercial TV tunes in Peter's studio. One week later both recorded again some songs, which were ready for a take off as the fertile Smooth Nu Jazz Funk album Funk My Dog.

The album starts with the Godley & Crème (Neanderthal Man) influenced Get The Funk Up. Pushed by a tribal beat Larry expands his very accessible but still engaging sax blow. While Peter Marsh is obviously responsible for the British Pop flavored melody, Larry sets jazzy accents.

Turn The Funk On is playing on a more jazz enhanced field. Larry takes the lead of this song and fills the air with dark mood. And then comes the hypnotizing Passion. This song is going down to groove town. Irresistible, mesmerizing, haunting.

With Funk My Dog the musician duo walks into the dirty Funk realm escalating their skills in raw Funk and acid jazz.

Say It's True reveals the romantic side of the group with a compelling love ballade.

Opio offers a song in the Pop style of the 70's.

On Highway 101 the band takes the final drive to convince the smooth jazz community.

Funk My Dog is bringing a massive blast of new music into people's lives. Grown out of the meeting of two professional musicians, this debut album already shows the great potential of Peter Marsh and Larry Tomko..

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