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The Full Story

Currently working with Pascal Freslon in a duo formation, Tomko/Calhoun.
​Toured with the TOMKO TRIO:
Tomko: Sax/Vocals, Y. Capelle: Drums, B. Ribiere: Hammond

Worked with SECTION DG.  Paris based Rock/Blues band.
Working with J.P. Blanchard (speed painter) with a tribute to Joe Cocker.  See here
Worked with J.M Lajudie,  J.J. Taib,  Alain Ohier and Pascal Combeau in the band:  A B Road Quintet.  A new quintet featuring jazz arrangements of the Beatles.
Side man with several French names (Gun Morgan……"Hot Jungle") as saxophonist-back up singer before forming his first band "Wind Crazy" in France with Frank Curier and Michel Alibo then "Shajazz" (with Renato Cantele, Massimo Tuzza) in Italy.
"Shajazz" toured with "Ella Armstrong".
Also worked with Sanginetto's group "Firefly" then "ARMED GANG" as lead singer and recorded two top ten singles, "Keep On Groovin" and "Everybody Celebrate".
Opened up one of the first private recording studios in Italy and started working with members of the Italian group "I Pooh", with Renato Cantele as sound tech.
Produced and played on "Il Fagocitato" and " Insania", Sound track albums for films presented at the Venice film festival.

In San Francisco, worked with local groups (White Teeth, Nobody Famous, Jorge Santana) then recorded first 45 under his own name (Highway 101).
In France, formed the band "West Coast" which recorded 45 (West Coast, I Was a Fool). National radio airplay won them the "Jacques Brel" prize at the "Francophonies" and went on to open for "ANGE", "Hughes Aufrey" and other French name bands.

Singer/Saxophonist with the duo TWO MUCH.
Opens for DAVE, Liane Foly, G. Montagné, Danny Brillant, Emile et Images, P. Fiori, etc...
Worked in Paris studios along side Frank Curier (Compagnie Creole) and Michel Alibo (SIXUN).

Fronted the band "MOKO" (rhythm & blues) from Rouen and "Weed Spirit" from Poitiers.

CD "Tomko/Marsh" is now available on iTunes.  A collection of Pop/Rock/Soul songs written and produced by Tomko and Peter Marsh.

CD "Funk My Dog".  Nu Jazz/Funk NOW AVAILABLE!!

 CD "From Miles Lane to Tchui Road".
          French radio here.

CD "Sax Only"  Sax smooth jazz album available here.

Also with the TOMKO QUINTET:
2 Cd's out: "Is that Jazz" and "Tomko Quintet Live"

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